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Strengthening relationship between two muslim countries is taught by Islam since Islamic brotherhood should not be limited by territory and country. In this regard, cooperation between Indonesia and Maldives find its significance. One of the areas that need to be explored is zakat as it is the third pillar of Islam and has huge economic potential that can be utilized for betterment of the ummah.

Counsellor of Indonesian Embassy in Colombo, Dwatmaji Hanomanresi expressed his hope that BAZNAS can play more role to strengthen bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Maldives and praised BAZNAS effort. In the breakfast meeting in Male City on Wednesday (7/18) with Puskas BAZNAS Director, Irfan Syauqi Beik, Dwatmaji also shared current update on the diplomatic relationship between Indonesia and Maldives that was managed by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Colombo, which is responsible for two countries, i.e. Srilanka and Maldives.

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