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Bambang Sudibyo Leads The World Zakat Forum

JAKARTA - Chairman of BAZNAS, Mr. Bambang Sudibyo was elected as the General Secretary of World Zakat Forum (WZF) period 2017-2020, the election was held in Jakarta, 16 March 2017. “We need support from all parties to promote zakat for three years ahead”, said Mr. Bambang.

He also thanked to the WZF audience for the trust given to him. The election was also meant to be an acknowledgment for the zakat movement in Indonesia. “Thank you and I appreciate to Mr. Ahmad Juwaini who carry out and execute the transition proccess very well. The new management will work hard to enhance the member, cross-organizational, working with clear targets both in terms of time management and qualitative target” he said.

Ahmad Juwaini himself was the former General Secretary of WZF. In his perspective, Mr. Bambang is an powerful personage  in the zakat field as well as his experience serving as a former Financial Ministry of Republic of Indonesia with an extensive network.

The WZF General Secretary election was attended by zakat figure from 11 countries by the method of one country one vote. Mr. Bambang as the former Financial Minister year 1999-2000 and the former Minister of Education year 2004-2009 will be charged to lead the world zakat movement, replacing Mr. Juwaini who is one of Indonesia zakat figure and also the Executive Director of Dompet Dhuafa year 2013-2016.

The Chairman of the Central Collection of Zakat (PPZ) Malaysia, Mr. Amran Hazali was thankful for the Mr. Juwaini performance during this three years. Mr. Amran hoped WZF activity will be spreaded over outside the forum to show the urgency of charity activist in the international scale.

Besides, the WZF Conference 2017 which was held in Jakarta for the last 2 days spawned the 11 Resolution of zakat movement for three years ahead. One of the resolution points is WZF must encourage the member to increase the policy, professionality, and zakat management system.

The audience agreed to take an action to enhance the global welfare by raising up zakat role in eradicating the poverty all over the world.

The resolution also consists the consciousness  of WZF country member that poverty is not just about financial matter, but also is related to the mindset and behaviour. Poverty is the ummah (people) responsibility through amil agencies to undertake the comperhensive approach in order to enhance the mustahik (recipients) welfare.

(Source : Antara, http://khazanah.republika.co.id | Transl: Lala/puskasbaznas.com)