World Zakat Forum: Call for Humanitarian Action


The World Zakat Forum was established on 30th September 2010 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Forum is designed to facilitate a platform for zakat institutions and stakeholders to develop strategic dialogue on the concepts and ideas for zakat implementation, such as (a) discussing the wisdom, the objectives, and the benefit of zakat; (b) developing transparent, professional, and trustworthy zakat management; (c) analyzing contribution of zakat for societal empowerment; and (d) strengthening the contribution of zakat towards poverty alleviation and improvement of the quality of life of zakat beneficiaries.

The World Zakat Forum (WZF), as a forum of synergy among zakat authorities, zakat institutions, practitioners, academicians, and other stakeholders, aiming at optimizing global zakat potential and cooperation, has a deep concern on the humanitarian crisis that takes place in Myanmar recently. In response to the crisis, the World Zakat Forum resolves as follows:

  1. The World Zakat Forum highly regrets the Myanmar humanitarian crisis leading to huge number of fatalities especially the Rohingya Muslim ethnic.
  2. The World Zakat Forum calls all global zakat organizations to extend their assistance in order to support the victims resulted from the Rohingya humanitarian conflict.
  3. The World Zakat Forum also calls for strategic and effective steps to end this humanitarian crisis through strong cooperation among Islamic countries and other international and multilateral institutions. This cooperation also includes providing assistance to Rohingya refuges in all parts of the world.
  4. The World Zakat Forum is in the process of designing joint humanitarian action to help Rohingya victims and hence, calls for participation of the WZF member countries and member institutions.    

The World Zakat Forum expresses its concern and hope that this Rohingya humanitarian crisis can be immediately ended and all parties involved can find the best solution that will sustain in the long run. May Allah SWT help our endeavour. Ameen.


Jakarta, 02 September 2017



Prof Dr Bambang Sudibyo

Secretary General