The event was shared live on Facebook of some of the participants with about 100,000 to a million followers such as "Rariya". This is step up to awareness creation among youth and social commentators on the significance of Zakat and Waqf in bringing about positive change in the development of Sokoto state including poverty alleviation and socioeconomic activities.
During the meeting, an overview of the activities of  the commission was considered and the chairman said the forum is to avail participants with the  opportunity to know more on zakat and waqaf activities in Sokoto state. Maidoki also said, "the forum is also arranged to hear people's opinion as feed back mechanism on zakat commission programs." He also added that another advantage of the program was to seek for their support in repositioning Zakat and Waqf activities in the state. 
At the end of the meeting, the participants appreciated SOZECOM giant stride and monumental achievement and express optimism of bright feature for zakat as an instrument to fight poverty and attract Allah blessings to the Ummah. This is because it is evidently clear that the SOZECOM has done alot for the state and humanity. 
Participants asked some questions and also gave some advises to the commission.  Many of them pledged to do various waqaf from tree planting to dedicating part of their salary to the noble cause. A participant also constructed a poem for Zakat (SOZECOM) on the spot and shared with members. It was an educative and happy moment for all.