Bank interest as one of the major destructive sins that can cause disasters such as covid-19. (We seek Allah`s forgiveness from our sins). Zakat on the other hand is one of the good deeds that wipe off evils, brings about blessings and mercy of Allah in the society. This kind of deeds really helps us consciously or unconsciously in keeping our life normal all the time.

Last weekend precisely on Sunday 22nd March, 2020, the Kazaure Zakat Committee, Jigawa State distributed Zakat to beneficiaries as enshrined in the Quran 9:60.

The event was held at Dabi village of Rorau District, Gwiwa Local Government Area of Jigawa State. The event witnessed the attendance of His Highness the Emir of Kazaure Alh. Dr. Najib Hussaini Adamu (C.O.N), the Chairman of Gwiwa Local Government Hon. Sale Muhammad Zauma as well as the Commissioner of Information of the State.

The Chairman, Kazaure Emirate Council, presented his report for the total collection and distribution for the year under review. He reported a total of zakat worth N34, 401, 800 was collected and distributed in the nine districts of the emirates. Of this amount however, only N2,750,000 were cash while the rest were agricultural produce and few animals. The amount was distributed to 16,474 beneficiaries of the area. The Rorau district came first in terms of collection and distribution with a little above N6 million, thus, won the 2019 trophy and other awards. Similarly, Roni and Karkarna districts that took the second and third positions, bagged awards from the Zakat Committee as well as the Chairman of Gwiwa Local Government.

In his speech, the Secretary of Association of Zakat and Waqf Operators in Nigeria (AZAWON, RC: 145881) Dr. Aliyu Dahiru Muhammad thanked Allah for the opportunity to witness the event, He also commended the effort of Kazaure Emirate especially His Highness for his untiring effort in the promotion of zakat, in his district and beyond. He introduced AZAWON and promised to pay a special courtesy call soon, to seek for more blessings and support of His Highness. The secretary remarked that AZAWON has the mandate of promoting zakat and waqf across the country, an effort they have started long ago and they published works and reports in various platforms related to zakat and waqf in Nigeria.

On his part, His Highness thanked the AZAWON Secretary for attending the occasion. He called upon the rich to fear Allah and pay their zakat as at when due. He assured them that zakat blesses one`s wealth. He thanked all the district heads and zakat committee members at various levels for their commitments to ensure efficient zakat system. He called upon parents to stop sending their children for begging outside their domain as begging demeans one`s personality. Finally, he called upon all Muslims to pray to Allah to protect the Ummah from the corona-virus pandemic.

In conclusion, countries, where Covid-19 necessitated lockdown, philanthropists provide support in form of cooked food (3 square meals) and other essential commodities. As we are heading towards this (May Allah save us) lock-down atleast for 30 days from now, what support can we provide to our needy and poor? Are we ready for organized support or we prefer individual support to our neighbours and needy? Whichever way, I call upon Muslims faithful to give out zakat, sadaqat and waqf in this critical situation including waqf in health sector with good intention for Allah to accept. We welcome inputs and comments especially in this period where the society needs support.

Dr. Aliyu Dahiru Muhammad - International Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance, Bayero University Kano and AZAWON Secretary. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.