In response to covid-19 pandemic, The World Zakat Forum held 1st webinar series on Monday, 13th 2020. The speakers comprised of  Prof. Bambang Sudibyo as Secretary General of World Zakat Forum and Chairman of BAZNAS;  Dr. Saleh Ali Alawaji – Deputy Secretary General of World Zakat Forum and Former Advisor to Council of Minister of Saudi Arabia; Azim Kidwai, BSc (Hons) PGD, MCM, CSSGB, CSSBB (Chairman of National Zakat Foundation, United Kingdom). The short-talk show is guided by Irfan Syauqi Beik, Ph.D as Executive Secretary of World Zakat Forum. The audience were enthusiasm during the program, several questions being asked regarding the Covid-19 issue, almost 160 people joined the online-talkshow, whereas it took only one hour because the time is limit.

The talk show start with Mr. Azim Kidwai describe the situation in London-UK during covid-19 pandemic, he said “there is no public service open, restaurant are closed, Moeslem are minority in London, 3 million from 16 million population are moeslem, many people be ever jokes before corona, for example if we perform wudhu in public are, people would say why these people washing their hands 5 times a day? now, we see full of blessings, the way of Islam teaches in positive ways by perform wudhu before praying, many people in London clean their hands and washing their body frequently to prevent the spread of Corona Virus, and also most of moeslem wearing niqab, many people against of it but now nobody going outside without covering their face, it is because of corona pandemic has changed their mind of Islam, the National Zakat Foundation is also helping non moeslem recipient of zakat, we are also gathered moeslem community in London to help poor and needy”.

In addition, Dr. Saleh Ali was also telling situation due to Covid-19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia, “There is no people perform hajj or umra The Government’s Saudi has told other country that hajj has been postponed, many private hotels and hospitals are welcomed for Saudi’s people and abroad people to stay and incubated, the zakat collecting is lesser than before covid-19 pandemic,  the Islamic philanthropy society collecting food stuffs from their donors and deliver to recipient”.

During the Covid-19 Panademic, Zakat collection in BAZNAS- Indonesia is increased, because many people think that it is the right time to donate and help others, for example during Tsunanami in Aceh on December 2004, the growth of zakat collection was almost 100 percent, it could be even though many companies, many people experienced increasing income, the pay more zakat or Islamic donation, that wa Indonesian experienced in the past, that’s why we called non prospective collection, we are expecting although economy affected badly cause of covid-19 but it is not always the keys, it may increase, Indonesia expecting the number of zakat is rich”, Said Prof. Bambang Sudibyo, Secretary General of WZF and Chairman of BAZNAS.

The webinar series were closed by giving the closing statement from Secretary General of WZF, Prof. Bambang Sudibyo, he said “ it is stated on World Zakat Forum 2019 resolution, the 10th WZF International Conference and Annual Meeting will be conducted in Selangor and Lembaga Zakat Selangor as host, because of Corona Virus Pandemic is widely spread in the world, we should postpone the planning to conduct the WZF International Conference 2020 till the situation is safe, nevertheless the WZF International Conference 2021 will be held in London – United Kingdom

By the end of the online-talk show, the moderator said that in every Monday, there will be World Zakat Forum Webinar series during covid-19 pandemic. the next speakers will be come from WZF country member,currently there are 35 member countries of World Zakat Forum.