WZF invites participants from:

  • Leaders of zakat institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Academics and researchers
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Representatives of multinational institutions
  • University students
  • Public

Participating countries:

Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, UK, Bahrain, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Morocco, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Brunei Darussalam, South Africa, Vietnam, USA, Pakistan, Singapore, Egypt, Jordan, Australia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Senegal, Liberia, Togo, Benin, Sierra Leone.

Plenary Sessions:

  1. Strengthening the Role of the World Zakat Forum in the digital era
  2. Digital Zakat Management
  3. The Contemporary Fatwa and Fiqh of Digital Zakat
  4. Policy, regulation and the role of government in zakat digitalization


  • Conference kit
  • Coffee break and lunch
  • E-certificate
  • City tour

Important date:
Conference registration & payment deadline: 15 October 2019


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