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1 WZF Rundown 2019  
2 Keynote Speech 1: “Zakat on SDG’S Christophe Bahuet – UNDP Indonesia Resident Representative
3 Keynote Speech 2 “The Role of Government in Developing Technology – based Zakat Management” Minister of Religious Affairs of Indonesia
4 Keynote Speech 3:  “The Role Islamic Development Bank in Supporting Digital Zakat Development” Dr. Muhammed Obaidullah – Lead Research Economist IRTI-IsDB   –
5 High Level Discussion: “Strenghtening the Role of the World Zakat Forum in Digital Era” 1.  H.E. Oknha Datuk Dr. Othsman Hassan ( Senior Minister in Charge of Special Mission – Islamic Affairs, Cambodia)


2.  Mr. Ahmed Sultan al-Mesifri (Assistant Manager of the Zakat Fund – Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Qatar) – 
3.  Mr. Mohammed Falah Al-Otaibi (General Manager of Zakat House, Kuwait)
6 Plenary Session I:
“Strengthening the Role of the World Zakat Forum in the digital era”
1. Dr. Syed Zafar ( President of Zakat Foundation of India)
2. Dr. Elnur Salihovic ( International Expert and Consultant at UNICEF)  
3. Dr. Ayub Myah CEO of Center for Zakat Managemenr (CZM), Bangladesh   
7 Plenary Session II
“Digital Zakat Management”
1. Yasmina Francke CEO of South Africa National Zakat Fund (SANZAF)  
2. Azim Kidway ( Director of National Zakat Foundation (NZF) Worldwide)  
3. En. Azhan ismail (Senior General manager finance PPZ-MAIWP)
4. Hj. Saipolyazan bin Mat Yusop (CEO of LZS – Malaysia)
5. Nur Effendi (CEO Rumah Zakat – Indonesia)
6. Yuli Pujihardi (Direktur Mobilisasi ZIS Dompet Dhuafa – Indonesia)  
7. Budi Gandasoebrata
(Managing Director GoPay – Indonesia)
8 Keynote Speech 4:
“Repositioning Zakat Management Paradigm in the Disruptive Era”
Prof. Humayon Dar – Director General of Cambridge Institute of Islamic Finance. Chairman of GIFA Award
7 Plenary Session III
“The Contemporary Fatwa and Fiqh of Digital Zakat”
Moderator: Prof Dr KH Ahmad Satori Ismail (BAZNAS Commissioner)
1. Ayman R. Al-Mufleh (Secretary General of Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO)  
2. Dr. Saleh Ali Alawaji (Advisor to the Council of Minister, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)  
3. Kamal Mohamed Hamid (Sudanese Zakat Chamber)  
4. Dr. Abid Mahmooud Smerat (Director of Zakat Fund, Ministry Of Awqaf And Islamic Affairs, Jordan)  
10 Keynote Speech 5
“The Role of UNICEF in the Promotion and Utilization of Zakat for Poor Children’s Wellbeing”
Mr. Sikander Khan – Director of the UNICEF emergency relief center  –
11 Plenary Session IV
“Policy, regulation and the role of government in zakat digitalization”
1. M. Arifin Purwakananta (President Director of BAZNAS – Indonesia)
2. Dr. Ahmad Juwaini (KNKS Director of Inclusive Finance, Religious Social Funds and Sharia Microfinance)  
3. Muhammad Lawal Maidoki (Chairman of Sokoto State Zakat and Endowment Commission)  
4. Ms Azara (The Acting Administrator of the Zakat and Sadaqat Trust Fund, Ghana)  
5. Mr. Adam Bawa Mohamed Ashraff (Director of Muslim Religious Affairs, Ministry of Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs, Sri Lanka)
12 Keynote Speech 6
“Zakat Diplomacy as a New Approach to Strengthen Humanitarian Multilateral Cooperation”
Director for Middle East Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia  –
13 WZF International Conference 2019 Resolution