The novel coronavirus, which was then designated as COVID-19, has been infecting the world since the beginning of 2020. To date, almost thirty million people around the globe have been suffering from the virus and more than nine hundred thousand people worldwide dead to this virus.

Like the virus’ deadly effect or even worst, COVID-19 has been infectious to the global economies. That happens due to the control measures implementation – which in one word may be understood as lockdown – has been shaping other forms of poverty around the world, notably in emerging market and developing economies. That is, forecasts have been made upon its impact on the global macroeconomic where many countries are to experience – even have now experienced – the fall on their Gross Domestic Products (GDP). The COVID-19 recession has now been a reality for many countries around the world.

In Muslim majority countries, the discussion of zakat upon its potential in managing the consequences of COVID-19 has thus been significant since the virus has been spreading worldwide. In this regard, the World Zakat Forum (WZF) has been contributing to provide a global platform where zakat stakeholders from the WZF member countries have shared their thoughts and experiences on capturing the role of zakat in time of COVID-19 pandemic. That is, in view of the rise on poverty due to a government’s preventive measure, the demand for zakat has thus been mounting in consideration to the primary zakat beneficiaries are the poor and the needy.

As many countries are now experiencing their flattening curve of COVID-19 cases or even some countries are still facing their rising curve, the forty member countries are also experiencing different events. However, as the topic of global economy recovery post-COVID-19 has been intensive among the experts recently, this event opens significant space for zakat stakeholders to extend zakat discussion into this global agenda.

Against the backdrop above, the World Zakat Forum International Conference and Annual Event 2020 thus rises the theme; Post COVID-19 Economic Recovery: Activating the Role of World Zakat Forum. That is, the WZF 2020 annual event expects its contribution to the economic recovery of its member countries, notably by presenting the experts from across the fields to share their thoughts and knowledge. In addition, this annual event also expects its WZF resolution 2020 where zakat stakeholders worldwide can take the benefit.

Plenary Session 3

As an organization which has many strategic roles, The World Zakat Forum needs to emphasize the urgency of partnerships in all sectors, including government and non-government factors at the national and regional levels to support the implementation of zakat in all sectors especially how to contribute in facing COVID-19.

Stronger communities in an organization enable emotional support, access to the resources and networks of other community members, exchange of knowledge and skills that leads to personal and professional development, friendships that add joy to life, and the potential to collaborate with others to generate greater impact in the world. The aim of this session is we need to elaborate how to Strengthen World Zakat Forum, what should be done to enlarge the forum.

We are pleased to invite you to speak at the WZF International Conference and Annual Meeting 2020 event. You are expected to deliver your speech at the plenary session 3 covering the topic; The Way Forward to Strengthen WZF. The following informs your schedule where you are expected to participate.

Place and Event Date

Zoom Meeting on November 30 – December 1, 2020


Target Participants 

Zakat professionals from the 40 WZF Member Countries and other participants include;

  • Academics
  • Zakat practitioners
  • Individuals from NGOs and Government Agencies
  • University students
  • Researcher