The global campaign of zakat has been emerging significantly over the past few years. This movement at best has been strengthened with the establishment of the World Zakat Forum (WZF) in September 2010. Up to the date, the number of 38 countries has joined the WZF membership. The WZF existence of one decade has been critical for the global development of zakat. The WZF has provided substantial platform for the international stakeholders to share and gain relevant experiences of zakat administration worldwide.

Historically, the role of young generation has been vital in all aspects of development in a country. In this regard, such notion is also applicable for the improvement of global zakat campaign. This point thus demands a formation of particular association that can facilitate the young professionals of zakat. This platform is beyond meaningful, notably to share the youth aspirations that can be relevant for the advancement of zakat practices adapted to the current context. It is indisputably proven the role of young professionals who have been driving the innovation in many industries today, take the financial technology startups sectors. The youths have translated their aspirations into the engine of revolution that has brought novelties in that regard. That is, the youths have been benefiting the development in world in so many ways.

Against the backdrop as elaborated in the above texts, the WZF Youth Symposium is preliminary initiated by the WZF secretariat to bring together the youths who are zakat professionals from the recent 38 WZF member countries. The WZF Youth Symposium expects the young representatives, such as millennials of the WZF member countries. It is projected through the symposium, an international connection among the youth zakat professionals is built. Thus, they may share their experiences and thoughts that, to some degree, can drive the zakat development in their respective countries. This platform is of practical importance for WZF member countries. They can take the benefit for their young employees’ experiences. The platform is also beneficial for human resource division of zakat institutions.         


The Objective of the Symposium

The WZF Youth Symposium aims at the following;

  • Establishing a special platform for young zakat professionals to advance their experiences through sharing the information,
  • Pioneering several keys declaration of Youth Zakat professionals upon the commitment of campaigning the role of zakat worldwide, and
  • Initiating Youth Zakat Professionals association with several primary objectives to improve zakat administration.


The Theme of the Symposium

The symposium is proposed to raise the theme as follows;

“The Role of Millennials in the Global Zakat Movement”


The Concept of WZF Youth Symposium

The symposium is planned to be on air via Google Meet. The WZF secretariat is to distribute the letter of invitation to the 38 WZF member countries. Prior to the conference, a WhatsApp group platform is created to facilitate the interaction and communication among the participants. The symposium expects a 2-day run with the programmes are detailed in the following section. 


The Potential Participants

There are 38 member countries of WZF. The participants are expected around 5 young zakat professionals from each country. The criteria of the participants are:

  • Must at least have one-year experience in zakat institution
  • Must be from WZF member countries, if not, is recommended by WZF member countries
  • The Youth Zakat Professional refers to those the professionals under 40 years old.




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